Top 15 Topics for your Argumentative Essays

Writing an argumentative essay doesn't only require that you know the format and structure of the assignment. The topic that you choose will make or break how intrigued your readers are and it will also determine how hard you work on the paper. Avoid using cliché topics that most students turn to – such as abortion, global warming and animal abuse. It's best to get creative with your argument and do so by finding a topic that you care about deeply. Collect all of the necessary data and then find the strongest points that support your thesis.

Do you have a passion? Have you dealt with something in your life that has changed you as an individual? Do you feel strongly about something that affects your personal life? Whatever your thesis is, tie your emotions into the argument so that you enjoy the writing process and do well on the assignment.

  • If you have ever faced difficulty or judgment because of a religious or cultural association, it makes a great argumentative topic. This is a strong way to intrigue your readers and also express something that you can relate to. There are so many ways to work with this topic and back it up using your own evidence.
  • Have you ever disagreed with something in the educational system? There are many students who feel that they didn't learn information in high school that would have been beneficial to them later on in life. Do you feel that you would have benefited from classes that taught you how to manage finances, bills, purchasing a home, etc? If so, use it as an essay topic.
  • If you see something wrong with the current democracy and you are the victim of decisions made in the political arena, you are a great candidate for writing a political argumentative paper. By using something that has affected you directly, it can make for a strong assignment.
  • Do you feel that there is a problem with media, society and standards that are put on young men and women? As a young adult you can relate to these standards directly being that you are constantly exposed to them. Do double standards show up at school or at work? If so, there are plenty of examples and supporting information that you can use to prove a strong point.
  • Are you offended by hunting prohibited within the US? Do you know of any species that are close to extinct yet they are still allowed to be hunted in other countries or America? Consider using current and historical supporting information to prove your point.

When you feel strongly about the subject you will make much more of an effort to gather information and prove something to people who may have not looked at the situation in the same way as you. If you have experienced something that other people have not been the victim of, this is your opportunity to talk about an issue that matters.

Published on  August 18th, 2018