4 Helpful Process Essay Writing Ideas

Process essay writing is different from other forms of essay writing and you should be prepared for a different type of result as well.Your process essay is not going to look like a story and it should not look like an argument either so if this is what you were hoping for disappointment is imminent. You will be constructing a set of steps that explain how something occurs or is made to occur and with careful adherence to the following steps, you will do it well and produce a result that is above reproach.

  1. Look it up
  2. What is the process you have been assigned to write about? Is it something you are familiar with? If not, it would be in your best interests to compile some useful sources of information. These should be credible as your essay may have to be graded by people who will judge it on that basis. You would not like to see your work downgraded for having included a website that is not reputable or an author who has no real knowledge of the process being considered.

  3. Get Simple
  4. The process should not become so complicated that others reading it are unable to follow along. This is the mark of a poorly explained process. Look over any steps you put together and make sure to keep it simple.

  5. Get a critique
  6. Ask someone familiar with the process if your explanation seems adequate. He or she can also suggest things that you can do to make the process simpler, clearer or even more engaging to a wider audience. You may also be lucky enough to get permission to use their words as an additional cited source within your essay.

  7. Put it all together
  8. Following the receipt of good advice you may see the need to do a complete overhaul of the essay. You can decide to use sources that you preciously discarded in the research stage and expand or contract the scope of the process you have decided to explain. You may have noticed that two parts are quite similar and con be condensed or that one part is too expansive and should be broken into two. These refinements will be the difference between an essay that passes or fails or even an essay that is merely adequate as opposed to excellent.

You can, with patience and keen attention to detail create a good process essay.

Published on  August 18th, 2018