A Guide On How To Write A Perfect Book Analysis Essay

A book analysis essay is a discourse on the attributes of a book. You have to write an exposition to clarify what the book is all about. Although it is your view of the book, it should not be just the emotional affects it had on you. You are meant to read the work of literature critically and analyze it intellectually. To write a solid book analysis you should:

  1. Read the book and make notes. Involve yourself in the reading but keep a part of you intellectually detached. Underline or highlight important parts that you think are important. The quality of your reading exercise plays a key role in determining the strength of your analysis.
  2. Make notes on the book’s literary objective, characters, plot, setting, style, tone, and merits and demerits of the book.
  3. Prepare an outline. Your outline is the sketch you draw before embarking on the essay writing. The outline should clearly delineate and organize your thoughts and ideas. For example, when outlining the introductory paragraph you should list all the relevant facts like the author’s name, the title of the book, the genre, and the date of publication. Give a very brief summary here. Just a couple of sentences that convey the gist of your analysis.
  4. Write the essay. A four to five paragraph essay should suffice. After introducing the literary work and its author, your next paragraph can focus on the literary objective or the characters in the book. Write your analysis of characters instead of describing them as the author did.
  5. When writing about the theme(s) and style, pay attention to the imagery and use of words. Describe what affects these images and words produce on the reader. Talk about the tone of the book. Is it consistent throughout? Why the author employed particular words and images?
  6. If the book is a novel, write about the plot. How it starts and unfolds. Is the climax dramatic or sensational? Does it accomplish the author’s objective in your opinion?
  7. The subject and the message of the book should be dissected and revealed in a critical way.
  8. Was the author successful in delivering his message? What are the merits of the book? What could have been done differently? Is the book an overall success?

Writing a book analysis requires critical thinking and writing skills. If you are stuck at any point, you can always ask for help from friends or teachers. Alternatively, you can consider professional help by online writing services. Start with the end in sight, and know that there are people out there who can help.

Published on  August 18th, 2018