How To Correct Spelling Mistakes In Your Essay

As most people know, spell checkers on your word processing software don’t always catch and correct all the spelling mistakes. They certainly don’t correct all the grammar errors either. So how is a person supposed to clean up their essay and have it be free of all spelling mistakes if they’re not very good at spelling in the first place? You are probably wondering this yourself.

It can be kind of tricky to make sure your essay has absolutely no spelling mistakes when we rely so heavily on software and word processors to do the work for us. The best way to correct spelling mistakes after using your spell checker is to get a pair of expert eyes looking at it.

Strategies you can use to correct spelling mistakes

Correct everything your spell checker underlines.

  • Look for commonly misused words like “then” and “than.” When they are interchanged accidentally the word processor doesn’t find the mistake. Use “then” for a time and “than” for a comparison.
  • Ask someone else to comb through your essay and see if they can find any mistakes.
  • Hire an expert editing service online to look for spelling mistakes.
  • Read your essay one word at a time from the very end to the beginning. This lets you see only one word at a time without trying to read the entire sentence.
  • Search online for commonly misspelled words or commonly misused words and check to see if there are any in your essay. Check the spelling and usage to make sure it’s correct.

Why should you care about correct spelling anyway?

There are actually several good reasons to want to clean up your spelling, especially in your college or university level essay. For one thing, your essay will be graded according to clean spelling. If it has too many errors in it, your instructor won’t even continue to read it. Most educated people can’t stand to look at spelling mistakes. It’s too irritating.

Another reason is because you make a good impression when you’ve corrected your spelling. Your writing doesn’t make a good impression when it’s riddled with errors. In some college programs such as business (and many others), having good communication skills is a requirement. Good spelling is a part of communicating well in the print form.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a master speller. Some people are and some aren’t and that’s okay. But for those who need the extra assistance, make sure you go through the list above to polish up your spelling.

Published on  August 18th, 2018