Film review of John Q – College Essay Sample

John Q is a movie about a desperate father that will do anything, including commit suicide, to save his ailing son. The movie was filmed in Toronto and directed by Nick Cassavetes. The movie opens with a road accident killing a young woman. Michael (Daniel Smith), the son of John Quincy (Denzel Washington) and Denise (Kimberly Elise), collapses while playing baseball. Medical examinations reveal that Michael has an enlarged heart and requires an urgent heart transplant.

Unfortunately John’s health insurance can only cover 70% of the medical fee and he is not able to raise the balance. In his desperation to have the son on the heart transplant donor list, John holds patients in the emergency ward hostage. The authorities agree to put Mike name on the donor’s list after John releases some hostages. As soon as the son is brought in, John informs the hostages of his plan to kill himself and donate his heart to the son.

Fortunately, John does not commit suicide because the wife is informed that the young woman involved in the road accident (at the beginning of the movie), whose blood is compatible with the son, is being flown in for organ recovery. This saves both John’s and the son’s lives. Eventually John, after saving his son, is prosecuted for the incidence but is supported by all witnesses and is acquitted of most charges save for kidnapping.

The movie brings to light the suffering and the desperation of the poor and middle class to access basic amenities such as healthcare. It also highlights the love of a father that will go to all lengths to save his child (ren). Another strong theme in the movie is the ability of humans to empathize with one another. This is clear as the very hostages taken by John and the entire population understand John’s situation. The movie also shows how desperation can push anyone to do regrettable things including crime.

Published on  August 18th, 2018