A list of descriptive and narrative essay topics for high school students

Descriptive or narrative essays let the writer tell a story using language that draws the reader in. Rather than remaining analytic and stating “The eggs are beaten with a whisk til light and fluffy”, a descriptive essay would say “whisk held aloft, he attacked the mixture with a fury that belied his gentle nature.” For a budding writer, descriptive and narrative essays provide a literary playground where what few rules exist are virtually begging to be broken. Here are a few essay topics that can be approached in this style.

“...and that was all that remained”

An essay that ends with those words can either be narrative (in which you explain from your own perspective) or descriptive (in which you create a scene that you are not necessarily a part of). Use your imagination to fill in a story that could end this way.

“The power of persistence”

This essay leans more towards description because it does not directly refer to the writer in the title. Think of what it means to persevere. You can begin to come up with your main character when you observe traits you often associate with perseverance. Is the person male or female? Young or old? Strong or weak? You decide.

“Bad deeds rewarded”

This essay also does not overtly make reference to the writer but can still be narrative if you like. Think about a situation where someone should have been punished but was instead encouraged to continue doing wrong. It may be based on real life or entirely fictional.

“If I were in charge around here”

This essay is narrative through and through. Think about your school, your country or the whole world. What would you change if you had the power to do so? What would you leave exactly as it currently is? Do you think it would be easy or do you think it’s harder than it looks? Address all of those questions.

“And I’ll never do THAT again”

Another narrative topic, this one is better dealt with using some humor. Be mindful that this essay will be read by your teachers most likely, so only write about something if you’re comfortable with them reading and perhaps sharing your words.

As simply as that, you can complete a remarkable descriptive or narrative essay that you will be proud to have authored.

Published on  August 18th, 2018