How to Write a Good Expository Essay

Students are always asking “what is the secret to writing a good expository essay?” What makes expository essays different than regular essays is that you need to explain in depth one singular idea or concept. You must also stick to the normal essay structure and include all of the important elements including introduction, thesis, hypothesis, supporting evidence, and strong examples. You also want to conclude your paper by summarizing the main ideas that have been discussed. The trouble with the expository style is that it leans more towards the “technical” side of write and less towards the creative. The reason why so many students struggle with writing expository essay papers is the because they can be so boring and tedious to put together.

That said, a good expository essay does not have to be boring and tedious at all! This is a common misconception that has made many students cringe at the thought of putting together yet another expository essay! The trick to composing a successful essay of this nature is by finding a way to make it interesting to the reader, set a tone, and compose an interesting and insightful paper. It also helps if you can be brief, get to the main points quickly and use easy to understand language.

Writing Your Expository Essay

Before you begin writing your expository essay on your assigned topic take some time to consider carefully the subject matter. What is one thing that really stands out to you that could be interesting to learn more about. Even if the assigned topic is boring their may be one or two angles that are interesting to consider. Try to come up with something unique that will set your essay apart from the others.

Do a bit of research, and see what the experts are saying. Then, in your own words compose an outline (and essay paper) that explains the idea of concept in depth.

Obviously ,expository essay writing is not the most interesting type of writing in the world. However if you can figure out a unique angle and explain it from that perspective then you can compose a very interesting paper that people may actually enjoy reading. Instead of getting caught up in the technical and boring aspects of the writing process try to find a way to make it interesting for your self. Just make sure that you follow the correct writing structure format so that you also get good a grade evaluation when you hand it in.

Published on  August 18th, 2018