Creating Statistics Essays: Where to Find Reliable Sources

Creating a statistics essay is more difficult than creating other types of essays. This is simply because there’s just so many more numbers and technical angles on these types of essays. And, finding sources of information is also difficult. Although a topic may have plenty of information out there, this information is not always the most credible. How can you find reliable sources of information?

The WWW World

The Internet is still the student’s chosen method of research for a topic, and there is no wonder when it is so easy and so full of information on most any topic that you could imagine. the web, however, may not always give you honest and accurate information. If you plan to us the web to conduct your research, make sure that you use only credible sites and authors.

You can research both the website and the author of the paper and this is a really good idea. You can also use educational websites and those that end in .edu and .org for the most credible of sites and information. There are many sites that fit these qualifications so do look for them!


The library at the local college is also a great source of information. There are tons of reading materials in the library which can be used to write your essay, including books, textbooks, newspapers, journals and more. Everything is available at the library at no charge, and you can choose to check these items out and take home or use right in the library –your choice.

Textbooks & Journals

Your own textbooks may also be of help when researching your topic. This is especially true if your class has recently discussed the nature of your essay paper. Using textbooks can be a little more time consuming than using some of the other available methods, however there is also a good chance that you will get much more information, all of which is accurate, which will reduce the sources that you need.

Finding your Information

As you can see there are many different way to find a reliable source of information for your research and essay paper. Take advantage of those reliable sources and make your life easy while ensuring that you create an impressible paper that will earn an amazing grade. They are there for you and should not be missed when it is real actual, factual information that you need.

Published on  August 18th, 2018