Narrative Essay Writing: Choosing Your Language

The language of your narrative essay often depends on your voice and how related events are presented to the reading audience. In many cases, the words you use to describe details and actions can help develop the right language for your content. This helps readers understand the purpose or significance behind the essay while ensuring the essay itself is not mistaken for another type of writing or short story. The following points can provide more insight on how to develop language behind your narrative essay.

The Event of Experience You Decide to Write About

Narrative essays provide a meaning or lesson learned behind a personal experience or an event. When you choose your experience it should be something you feel comfortable sharing, but will provide influence on what you took from it and how it affected you. Since a good story can come from practically anywhere it really depends on how you write it. You need to provide details that people can believe while being informative. You should consider an experience you can provide meaning to you and to the reading audience.

How Would You Talk about Your Experience Face to Face?

There are times in which a person has shared their experiences through conversation with listeners getting inspired or feeling as if they were there. How would you put your conversation into written form? When you tell someone about something that happen you tend to recall details more vividly including who was there, the place it occurred, and other significant information to help recreate the event. Since you tell your story to someone who was not there you make an effort to provide as much information as necessary without really thinking about it. Think about essential elements needed to help form your story and develop language such as who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Providing Interest Curiosity and Entertainment

Just like a movie or video that is based on a true story, you are pretty much doing the same thing with your narrative essay. The difference is you are writing the narrative for the reading audience to follow and guide them through your experience. Think about elements that will help you form a sense of history, that can connect readers to your content, and entertainment that will make the content interesting to read. Your essay may provide an inspirational or healing element if the experience is related to something tragic.

Published on  August 18th, 2018