I need some help editing an essay

So you have written your essay and now you need help with the editing. Editing is really not that difficult. Once you have the essay written the editing is a cake walk. That being said, you do need to pay attention to certain things while going through the editing process.


Should that be spelling? Even when you are using a spell check program, there are times when it will just be stupid. Spell check should not be relied on to catch all of the spelling errors. Read the essay through again specifically looking for words that are misspelled or just look wrong.


Grammar is yet another thing that spell check should not be relied on for. There are times when you have the correct grammar usage in place and it will tell you it is wrong. Sometimes it can come in handy, but after you read through the essay looking for spelling errors you should read it through again…maybe out loud to make sure the grammar is correct.


When you are reading your essay aloud you may notice that there are places that need to have commas or even semi colons, periods or question marks. Make a note of those places and when you finish reading the essay through go back and add them in.

Cohesion of thoughts/ideas

Another thing to check for when you are reading through it is that everything that belongs together is together. The thoughts and ideas should have a clear progression from the start of the essay all the way through to the end. Main ideas should be clearly stated in each paragraph along with any supporting statements. Don’t start out talking about the sun being purple and in the next sentence talk about what you had for dinner. Nonsense will only get you a failing grade.


A HUGE part of any essay or research papers is the references. Every time you use something that you found somewhere else you must properly cite the source. To not do this is plagiarism. Not only will it get you a failing grade and possibly expelled from school, it is also a criminal offense. CITE, CITE, CITE!!!!

Once you have those things taken care of then you should be good to go. If you still do not trust your results then find someone who you know has experience with editing and proofreading to look over it for you.

Published on  August 18th, 2018