Genetics and Crisis Intervention

Crisis refers to an unstable condition that might occur to a family or individual, which requires an urgent solution. Different predicaments can be solved in varied ways depending on the victims, causes and effects. For example, a person may have genetic crisis arising from inherited genetic materials. The genes might make the health of the individual unstable thus, require intervention.

Genetic counselors are involved in guiding and counseling patients with genetic health problems. In case of psychological instability, the counselors will be concerned with ensuring the patients are advised on ways that make them psychologically stable. The member of the family with such patients should be informed about the crisis affecting their member and how its symptoms can be minimized or eliminated. Genetic counselors also inform the family the causes of the predicament. Through such information, they are guided on possible ways of treating or handling their patient.

Genetic counselors also advise the patients on possible treatment mechanisms based on the degree of crisis. Patients of any age group can be advised to consult genetic psychiatrists or practitioners in case of serious treatable crisis. The doctors have the knowledge on the genetic or DNA composition of a normal person. With their medical equipment, they analyze the DNA strands of the patient and determine the disorder affecting him or her and how the strands are arranged. In order to treat the patient, they will need to reorganize the DNA structure to appear like that of a normal person. However, older adults are advised to utilize genetic councilors and other therapies instead of medical practitioners since DNA becomes complex to rearrange at older age.

Genetic crisis may be identified before birth or immediately after birth. In the case of an embryo, the genetic composition is still young and easy to rearrange. Therefore, the genetic psychiatrists determine the possible causes of the crisis in DNA strand and how it is organized. The embryo genetic composition is reorganized while in the mother’s uterus and by the time it is born, the genetic problem is solved. The newborn genetic disorder is determined through genetic scanners and the DNA strands organized into the correct form, which heals as the child develops.

In conclusion, genetic disorders may result to serious health crisis such as mental problems. However, intervention measures exist such as genetic counselors who advice on possible ways of dealing with the disorder, and how to live with genetic problems. Genetic medical psychiatrists also assist in modifying the genetic composition of the patients.

Published on  August 18th, 2018