Essays Writing Ideas: Understanding the Assignment

When you are assigned a topic for an essay, it is vital to know exactly what is expected of you for that project. By doing so, you have more insights what is best to be writing about, as well as receiving good feedback in the end. By using the guidelines to the assignment, it can potentially save you from doing extra work and save you a lot of time as well. Ask your professor or employer what exactly is expected and you will come out on top at the end.

Pay Attention

It is in the details that you will find the expectations of the assignment. While it might not be an overt or obvious detail, pay attention to how the assignment is described and look for keywords that can cue you in on what to expect.

Some of the keywords you will be looking for in an assignment profile can be subtle. One example of an assignment: “Write 2 pages about the late history of the Roman Empire”. Of this assignment question, there are two things to clarify. The first thing you would want to clarify is the 2 pages request. While it may seem like it is an obvious direction, there is some ambiguity there. Is it 2 pages double spaced or single spaced? In addition- the other keyword in this assignment is “late history”. By emphasizing that detail, it is inferred you will be writing about the fall of the Roman Empire, which would be your main focus. If you overlooked that detail, the history of the Romans is so encompassing that it would be simple to get distracted and write about another period of history during the Roman Empire.

Ask for Clues

Asking your professor or employer directly is a great idea to get a sense of what they are looking for. By doing so, you are essentially custom writing the essay for them- which is an ideal scenario if they are the ones that have the last judgment about your essay. Do not feel like you are lessoning your personal writing style or talent by writing in a way that they want you to. It is an essential component of constructing a well-received essay. This also follows a principle rule in writing, which is to know your audience. If you take into account who you are writing for and what they are expecting, you will be able to construct your essay in a way that is suitable to the assignment.

Published on  August 18th, 2018