Creating Interesting Articles: Structuring Your Paper

Writing academic articles is definitely not one of the easiest things to do out there and although some of the people may argue this, the truth is that a true academic article involves a lot of hard work and passion. As a college student, you will most likely be asked to write one such article at least one or twice throughout your higher education studies and you will most likely not be able to avoid this kind of papers. Learning how to actually write them and how to make them interesting can be extremely important. Here are some of the most important tips on how to make your papers actually interesting (both for you and for your reader).

  1. Always choose a topic that actually interests you. This will help you work with more passion on your paper and it will also transpire to the reader. Do make sure that you only choose topics you can back up with serious materials though, because otherwise you will fall into the trap of not being credible enough.
  2. Get acquainted with the writing style of your subject. There are multiple academic writing styles out there and your teacher will most likely ask you to use a particular one throughout your paper. He/she may leave this up to you, but you will still have to make sure that you follow one style (and one style only!). Formatting, citations and structure – they will all depend on this style.
  3. Your thesis statement (or your abstract, depending on your requirements) is absolutely crucial. You need to make your topic appealing and interesting for your reader and you need to show that you are bringing something new into the field (even if it is not something 100% innovative, putting things in a different light of perspective can help). Even more, make sure that your thesis statement is extremely well-structured and that it will be coherent and relevant for your work (and that the work/paper itself will be relevant to it as well).
  4. Always use one paragraph to describe one idea only and avoid long and twisted sentences. You risk losing the interest of your reader almost instantaneously if he/she cannot make sense of what you are writing.
  5. Make sure that your ideas follow logically and coherently as well.
  6. Put some effort into your conclusion and always make sure that the very last sentence will be uplifting, firm and memorable – because this is precisely what most of your readers will remember afterwards!

Published on  August 18th, 2018