Writing An Unbiased Paper On Capital Punishment

The capital punishment debate is one of the debates that elicit emotional responses in the world. The debate is often clouded by people offering opinions based on emotional concerns or religious stands. These voices tend to drown out the few unbiased and rational voices in the debate. Whether one stands for or against capital punishment, when writing an essay on the topic, they should always remain unbiased. Here are some of the tips that help in writing an unbiased essay.

  • The first major step to avoiding bias is evaluating the sources that one uses. The information gathered should be from reputable sources that do not take sides. In a sensitive debate like the capital punishment one, the writer should ensure they only use scholarly journals and objective books. In this day and age anyone can put anything on the internet. The writer should ensure they only use links which end with .edu, .org or .gov since these are the most reputable ones.
  • The next step is to do proper research on the subject. Proper research means that the writer balances both sides of the argument. Regardless of their stand, they should research and represent both sides as fairly as possible. A topic as sensitive as capital punishment has strongly opposing views. To write a truly unbiased paper on the topic, the writer should highlight both sides with equal weight.
  • In addition to highlighting all the competing ideas, the language should also be objective. There is no use highlighting the opposing sides but presenting one as superior. Granted, any form of killing is hard to rationalize, even capital punishment. The writer should aim at presenting each side fairly, and letting their audience pick their side of the debate.
  • First and second person pronouns also personify the essay making it sound like, or lean towards someone’s opinion. The writer should try as much as possible to avoid these pitfalls. The writer’s voice should not appear in the paper, and it should not be seen as a collection of their opinion or ideas.
  • To avoid falling into the trap of bias, the writer should also avoid stereotyping. Not all people feel the same about this issue. Generalizing anything by ethnic group, gender, age or sexual preference can be detrimental.

The capital punishment debate changes with every region, country and personality. Writing an unbiased paper on the topic is difficult but possible.

Published on  August 18th, 2018