10 Interesting Topics For An Exemplification Essay

An exemplification essay is also sometimes referred to as an illustrative essay. The idea is that an argument or thesis is proven using examples or case studies. Selecting an interesting topic, and ensuring that the examples presented in your paper clearly support your position, are critical to your essay's success.

An exemplification essay will include components like supporting examples, relevant details, strong, clearly presented arguments, and excellent opening and closing paragraphs. Your conclusion will need to bring together every argument that you have put forward over the course of the essay. Try not to put technical details in at this point, instead, make a passionate defense of your position. Always finish strong!

It is essential that all the information and details in your essay go towards supporting your thesis. Be sure to carefully edit your paper to get rid of extraneous writing that does not strengthen your position.

First of all, you'll need to find a fantastic topic. Then you can get down to work on the research and writing that will follow. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Where Is The Line Drawn Between Collectors And Hoarders?
  2. Explore the murky ground between people who collect, and those who obsessively hoard. What are some examples of each? How many cats is too many? Decide for yourself and defend your position with examples.

  3. Genetic Engineering Is Harming The Agricultural Industry
  4. GMOs are wreaking havoc on farms across Britain. True or false?

  5. McDonalds Restaurants In Japan Are Lowering The Life Expectancy Rate
  6. Fast food is altering the eating habits of the Japanese, and affecting their health and lifespans. Is it?

  7. Sushi Restaurants In Europe Are Decimating The World's Tuna Populations
  8. The popularity of sushi has put immense pressure on tuna populations around the globe. Can they be expected to recover?

  9. Social Networking Is Essential For Success In Business
  10. Yes or no? Pick a side, and set out to look for examples that prove you right.

  11. Formal Schooling Is Not Necessary For Financial Success
  12. There are many self-made millionaires who did not complete university. Is there success due to their own unique vision? How much effect does higher education have on our ability to create material wealth?

  13. Violence In Movies Is Desensitizing Our Children
  14. Violence in the media is a source of hundreds of potential topics!

  15. Schooling Children At Home Has No Effect On Their Future Academic Success
  16. Is home schooling any more or less effective than learning in a classroom?

  17. Mobile Technology Has Enabled Radical And Rapid Political Change In Iran
  18. Examine the impact that advances in mobile computer technology has (or hasn”t) had on political uprisings.

  19. Racial Discrimination Has A Negative Impact On Our Economy
  20. Few would argue that discrimination does not exist in our society, but does it impact our economy? Find a few examples, and start convincing your reader!

Published on  August 18th, 2018