Common mistakes you should avoid when writing an essay

Essay writing as a craft is filled with potholes that need to be avoided at all costs. Whether you are writing an essay as an assignment or for a college application, the rules remain the same. Some common mistakes that can easily be avoided are:

  1. Choosing the wrong topic:
  2. That, which you build on a weak foundation will prove to be a weak structure. Select your topic carefully considering your interests and strengths. Certain topics that appear good may not be suitable for you as a person. Select a topic that you feel strongly about. For the purpose of a college application, your topic should be the one question that gives you the most room to show your personality and achievements.

  3. Starting late:
  4. Do not leave essay writing for the last night before submission. Start as soon as you can to be able to edit and incorporate things as they occur to you.

  5. Hurrying through the task:
  6. It will not help you one bit to write with the aim to get it over with. Give the essay time and space to write itself. Try breaking down the project into small tasks. This will help you slow down and think before you jump from one section to the next.

  7. Impersonation:
  8. If you are writing an essay for a college application, do not try to appear different from who you are. The temptation of appearing better than everyone is strong and it is easy to project on yourself the qualities that you highly value. Everyone has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Talk about your qualities by all means. Actually, show them off enough to be noticed but short of boasting.

  9. Not brainstorming or not enough brainstorming:
  10. Your brainstorming sessions are essential for writing a good essay. Skip them on your peril. Keep taking notes of whatever occurs to you. You can ask a friend or family member to brainstorm with you for better results.

  11. Not preparing an outline:
  12. Making an outline keeps you organized and prevents digression from your topic. You can end up writing on and on in one direction instead of keeping things together.

  13. Not re-reading, editing, and proofreading:
  14. These are steps that you should never miss while writing any essay. Your essay should be free of punctuation mistakes, grammatical errors, and misspellings.

Remember that essay writing is a process that can be complicated at times, but it is fairly simple if you follow the rules of essay writing and avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

Published on  August 18th, 2018