How To End Your School Essay With A Strong Conclusion

The conclusion is arguably the most important part of any essay. Since it’s the last thing anyone will read when they finish your essay, it should leave an impression as well as be a good summary of the information already covered in the body of your essay. It can be overwhelming after writing the entire essay to still have to do a good conclusion, too. Many students find themselves struggling with their words and what to say in the last few paragraphs of their essays. Here are a few key things that you can do to make any conclusion great:

  • End with a quote
  • End with a poignant question that makes the reader ponder it
  • Summarize everything in the order you presented it in the essay, or in another order that makes sense with this topic
  • Make the conclusion not too long but at least one paragraph
  • Conclusions should not be talking about the other side of the argument that you aren’t presenting, that’s for mentioning in the introduction
  • Don’t just state your opinions in the conclusion; repeat facts or use new, but similar ones to statistics and quotes you’ve mentioned earlier
  • Don’t introduce any new information

Writing a Strong Conclusion for an Essay

If you’re still stuck on this conclusion, there are a few more things you can do. First, look back at the instructions from your teacher: do they say anything specific about how to do the conclusion? Make sure you’re doing what your teacher expects from this essay. Conclusion writing is subjective as much as the rest of the essay. When you’re writing a conclusion for a controversial or difficult topic, you need to be extra careful with word choices. Just like the parts of the essay that come before it, the conclusion should be respectful but still informative and supporting the side that you’re representing.

You can use extra research in the conclusion as long as it fits and seems appropriate to save until the end. Some research you may not use, because you often have to do more reading just to get a general knowledge of the topic. It’s not uncommon for students to have more sources than they actually use in the essay. If there’s a quote you love but just didn’t fit in the rest of the essay, there’s nothing wrong with putting it at the end.

Published on  August 18th, 2018