Argumentative Essays Are Hard to Write

Whilst no essay is particularly easy to write, argumentative essays can be one of the hardest. You’re not just presenting information about a certain topic, but trying to argue the case as well. It is important is that both sides come across, so as not to look one-sided, and therefore you can reach a balanced conclusion. Whilst taking both sides into account you want to be concentrating on the stronger arguments to confirm your theory and you want to predict what anyone holding the opposing view may say and have an argument to counteract it.

Taking a logical view not an emotional one

When writing the essay, it is important that you don’t become too emotionally attached to one argument. If you become emotionally attached to one side or another it is easy to lose sight of the logic that you’re trying to back up your view with. You want to be putting across a certain view that appears unbiased and has not been distracted by other personal viewpoints but rather draws logical conclusions from the evidence that you could put across.

A good argumentative essay will look at both sides and except evidence to support any opposing views; however, you then take logical steps and arguments to counteract these opposing views to suggest why your conclusion is valid.

Use credible evidence

In making your arguments, you want to use credible evidence - both with the view that you are taking and the opposing view as well. This means that you should not make up a facts, and any facts that you do use should come from a source that is trustworthy, also include this source as a reference.

By using falsified or incorrect evidence you will diminish the view that you are trying to put across. This is true of whichever side of the argument the falsified or incorrect evidence is on; if it is on the opposing view then it looks like you’re using incorrect evidence on that side and withholding genuine evidence which might strengthen that side of the argument. Worse still is if you use false information as part of the evidence in the view that you try to prove then it looks like you need to make up evidence for something that is not actually the case. The stronger and more credible the evidence, the more able you are to truly argue the points in question.

Published on  August 18th, 2018