Sample Essays can Help You with your Paper

Common Writing Problems: Procrastination and Self Doubt

Many students utterly loath writing papers for class. Next to calculus homework, essays are probably the most detested assignments students encounter on a regular basis. One of the main reasons that students hate writing is because they are driven to procrastinate. Finding the motivation and mental clarity to write is highly challenging, and the very act of procrastinating can lead to additional stress and guilt. In addition, many students hate writing because they doubt their own writing ability, and are uncertain about how to begin the writing project. This leads to further procrastination and guilt.

How To Overcome Writing Problems?

There are many ways to combat a lack of motivation or certainty when facing a treacherous writing task. First, prewriting can make a world of difference for many student writers. Having a rigid and well organized outline that can serve as a road map is useful for many pupils, from high school students to graduate students.

Of course, prewriting and planning is sometimes not sufficient. Sometimes, students need more hands-on, specific assistance in their writing projects. This is especially the case if the writing assignment is unfamiliar in its structure or subject matter, or if the student is particularly uncertain about their abilities. If that is the case, using a sample paper as a guide may be the best place to start.

When to use a sample essay?

If you have no idea what to write about, how to organize your paper, or where to begin, it may be time to purchase a sample essay on your subject. Many online services sell prewritten sample essays on a wide variety of topics. Some services will even have a custom sample essay written on demand, for an hourly fee. These papers are well written, usually penned by experts and accomplished academics, and can help a struggling student begin their own writing tasks.

How to use a sample essay?

Think of your sample essay as a guide or a template for your own work. Do not copy the content of the essay, as that is academically dishonest. Instead, read the paper thoroughly and pay attention to the flow of ideas, the quality of the research, and the language that is used. Consider the sample essay a prime example of what an ‘ideal’ paper should look like. Remember that your own paper does not have to stack up to those standards. Once you have an idea of what a high quality paper looks like, you should be able to begin your own.

Published on  August 18th, 2018