Picking the Right Topic for a College Essay

When it comes to college essays, you have a range of options. Sometimes you’re honed in on a specific topic or question, around which you build a well-supported argument. At other times, you’re researching and relating information on a given subject. Sometimes, however, you have the option to completely control your own essay. These open-ended assignments can be dreams come true, or complete nightmares; it all depends on whether or not you know how to pick a great topic. If you are lost on how to select a riveting and successful essay topic, don’t fret. There are a few easy ways to determine your successful college essay topic. Follow these simple steps to invent your own incredible essay topic!

  • Determine what’s relevant to the class and the assignment. Are you composing an original college essay for a literary class? A psychology course? Consider closely the context of the essay. You may have free range, but it’s safe to say that picking a topic that reflects the course is a good bet. This will not only help you make a great essay, it may also aid you in understanding the given topic more fully.
  • Choose something intriguing. Don’t wander through an essay with a lame, uninteresting topic because it might be safer. The best essays always tackle the tough questions and take on the fascinating facts. If you really want to impress your teacher and have fun with an essay, pick something that’s going to hold your attention. Plus, you’ll learn even more about subjects and areas that you already have a deep interest in.
  • Pick something you know. It’s only going to mean more work, more headaches and a higher likelihood of mistakes if you try to take on a completely unfamiliar topic. For the best essay results, always select something you know well. Your background knowledge and prior experience with the topic will only benefit your communication of ideas. You’ll also be able to tackle more serious, significant, particular or complex topics if you already have a basic understand of the general topic.
  • Brainstorm with others. When you’re completely lost without a single essay topic you might write on, you aren’t finished! There’s strength in numbers! Recruit some of your fellow classmates (they may be struggling to pick a topic, too!) and have a brainstorming session. You’ll find ideas spring to mind much faster when you’re comparing thoughts with others. At the same time, you’ll be able to rule of weak ideas and strengthen great ones.

Published on  August 18th, 2018