Integrating Internet in Marketing Communication: Application by Small Romanian Hotels to Improve Brand Recognition and Sales

Small hotels in Romania have to operate in increasingly competitive environments, necessitating rethinking in various operational aspects such as marketing. Integrated marketing communication (IMC), which entails coordinating different communication and presenting creative messages across traditional and non-traditional media to achieve financial gain and long-term brand equity, can enable the hotels perform desirably in such competitive settings. This article will discuss how small Romanian hotels can employ IMC to improve brand recognition and sales through reinforcing their traditional advertising with search engine optimization, presence on social media platforms, sponsored adverts on websites and selling directly online.

Heightened Internet use and travel translates into many potential hotel visitors using web search as a tool to find local hotels. As a result, small Romanian hotels should establish useful websites and web content detailing their services, followed by search engine optimization to ensure rank highly in search results. Such optimization would maximize their online visibility, translating to more visitors and bottom line improvements. The hotels should also support the aforementioned search engine optimization with social media marketing, involving establishing engaging social media pages and accounts to inform the public and advertise their services. Social media pages allow two-way engagement, service rating, heightened sharing, and advertising events, which can enable small hotels to meet their marketing objectives.

In true IMC fashion, the small hotels can supplement traditional advertising and the aforementioned web strategies with content marketing and direct marketing. Rather than merely marketing their services, the hotels should create and disseminate relevant and valuable information about hotel services in Romania to attract, secure, and engage defined target audiences. For instance, a hotel may offer online or magazine print expert guides entailing tips for securing the best hotel deals and services when in Romanian towns. This strategy will help the hotels gain distinction as highly qualified in matters concerning hotel services in Romania, in the process strengthening their brands. In the case of direct marketing, the small hotels should properly segment customers into distinct buyer groups, allowing marketing communication to follow specific buyer characteristics and interests. Through such list segmentation in direct marketing, the small hotels will get to understand their consumer better, leading to more meaningful and high-impact marketing tactics. Altogether, proper implementation of such integrated marketing communication techniques will yield brand benefits and heightened sales for small Romanian hotels.

Published on  August 18th, 2018