Learn How to Write Topic Sentences for Essays: Academic Advice

A topic sentence drives each body paragraph in an essay. The topic sentence indicates to the reader what you plan on accomplishing or proving in the paragraph. Consequently, the sentence has to have clarity and then the paragraph has to be aligned with the topic sentence.

Some people like to write the topic sentence after completing the paragraph. This is one approach. You want to make sure that your points are well developed, so that one sentence can indeed encompass what is in the paragraph.

For Example

If you were writing about Hemingway and you had a paragraph on his wives and their influence on his works, you need to write a general statement for the topic sentence. Your sentence may say: Hemingway’s wives never gave him a sense of belonging despite their union, and because of this his stories always have forlorn tone and mood of isolation. You would not want to discuss the dates of marriages or specific details in the topic sentence. Do not ever get specific in the topic sentence, always write general ideas and general thoughts in your topic sentences.

Big to Small: The Funnel Effect

Usually the topic sentence is the first paragraph. It is a very general sentence, another words, and it is big or broad. The sentences behind it are detailed and packed with facts and quotes. They are smaller and more specific details. So the paragraph goes from the big to the small. It is shaped like a funnel.

Moving to the Next Paragraph

When you finish your funnel shaped paragraph, you must move correctly to the next paragraph. Use a transition sentence. This sentence with both reference the idea you are leaving and the next idea you plan on discussing.

The Body Only

There is a topic sentence in each of the body paragraphs. There is not one in the introductory paragraph. In the introductory paragraph there is a thesis statement instead of a topic sentence. In the concluding paragraph there is not a topic sentence either. In the conclusion there is a universal statement. So, if you have five body paragraphs, you will then have five topic sentences. Learn to master topic sentences, so writing your essay are easier. You will also find that if you use these tips, your paper and your paragraphs will be improved and flow better.

Published on  August 18th, 2018