Writing An Academic Essay - Finding Interesting Topics To Research

Finding an interesting topic to research could very well be the key to the result of your academic essay. The more interest you have in the topic and the deeper the content of the topic, the greater your chance of producing a winning essay. Remember you're not writing for the general public. You are writing for your teacher or professor. This is an academic essay.

And the person reading and marking your essay will have probably done this many, many times before. They will know all the tricks of the trade as far as what works and what doesn't work in academic essay writing. Get the topic right; follow the fundamentals of good writing and cross your fingers about getting the best possible score.

The topic is interesting

Now the word interesting is, well, interesting. It is a subjective word. What you think is interesting and what someone else thinks is interesting might not be the same. So finding an interesting topic to research is a subjective judgment. And this really is a benefit to you. Sure it would be good if you could find a topic which both you and your teacher found interesting. But if only one is to be involved make sure it is you.

Remember this is an academic essay and will need to follow the basic structure and requirements of such a beast. Know these requirements backwards so that your academic essay is judged solely on how well you address the topic.

So what are the sources of finding interesting topics to research? Well these are many. You could try the college library or the college website. Successful academic essays, certainly the larger ones such as dissertations, are often published within the college. Take advantage of the knowledge of the staff members of your college library. You are looking for previous examples of academic essays which have been highly commended. These topics may well trigger your imagination.

Asking your teacher or professor is always a smart move. If they are to supervise the writing of your academic essay and certainly if they are to mark it, then taking their advice on an interesting topic to research seems like a pretty clever idea.

And finally there is always the plethora of topics listed online. By using a search engine and looking for academic essay topics, you'll come across far more than you could ever write about in a lifetime. The question that remains of course is which of these academic essay topics do you regard as interesting?

Published on  August 18th, 2018