Asking Someone to review your Personal Essay

Your personal essay can be a unique writing assignment that can help you get where you need to go in your academic career. You may be writing a personal essay for school entry or for coursework assignments. You want to be sure your content makes sense while being comfortable enough to share it with others. In this case you may want to have someone else review what you have written and provide insight. There are a few things to consider when asking someone to review your essay.

Advice from Your Instructor

Your instructor can give a few ideas on how to complete your assignment. In many cases you can get advice from your instructor that can work to your advantage. Your instructor will look for specific details when it comes to completing a personal essay. This is your chance to make changes that could lead to a lower score. Consider any information you are given and try to see things from their perspective when reviewing changes you want to make. You may learn more about your strengths and how to use them more efficiently.

Colleagues that Can Relate to Your Needs

Your classmates or colleagues that are also working on their personal essay will likely have similar concerns. Some may provide details you can consider, especially if they are good writers. They can provide insight more relative to your thinking of concepts and ideas. They can relate to similar needs but also want to learn more about how others are dealing with the project. You may gain a better understanding of what to do when a like minded colleague can further explain ideas and expectations in terms easier to understand.

Trusted Family Members Who Can Be Honest

Most students consider having a close family member read over their content. This can have possible positive elements to consider. Your family knows you best and when they see what you have written they are likely to connect with it more than anyone else. At the same time, like a good friend, they are more likely to be honest with you regarding your content. It is important to know who you can trust for an honest constructive opinion about your essay. This can help you view your content with further depth and still make necessary changes with better understanding of how it is viewed from a reading audience.

Published on  August 18th, 2018