10 Outstanding Topics for Psychology Research Papers

  1. Do Colors Increase Productivity of Studying?
  2. It is speculated that highlighters, colored ink, colored paper and other colored study aids can increase productivity of studying. Is this true? If so, why? Explore how the brain functions while studying, and how color may change your level of productivity.

  3. Does Breastfeeding have Any Effect on Intelligence?
  4. Breastfeeding is usually thought to be the healthier option for feeding your young child, but why? Research the positive effects of breastfeeding. Can breastfeeding increase intelligence? Find the scientific and psychological support to prove or disprove this topic.

  5. Do Vaccinations Cause Autism or Other Disabilities?
  6. Many avoid vaccination like the plague, tying them to developmental problems like autism and more. Research the possible psychological effects the vaccinations can or cannot cause.

  7. How does Meditation Affect the Psyche?
  8. Meditation is attributed with many health benefits, including psychological health. Prove or disprove the affects or lack of affects of meditation on the psyche. Is it scientifically and psychologically healthful?

  9. How Do You Overcome Fears?
  10. What are some medical methods and practices of overcoming fears? Overview the potential medical treatments available to assist a psychological patient in overcoming his or her fears, if any.

  11. Are Fears Genetic?
  12. What causes fear in people? Are they a product of our environment, or possibly, a product of genetics? Find scientific support to show the source(s) of our fears.

  13. The Science Behind Phobias: Is there One?
  14. Phobias are intense aversions to specific situations, objects or scenarios. Some common phobias include acrophobia (the fear of heights), arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and cynophobia (the fear of dog). What is the motivation or science behind these phobias and other phobias, if any?

  15. What can Trigger an Anxiety Attack?
  16. What kind of situations can trigger an anxiety attack? Are they only psychological factors, or are there physiological causes also? Research the science of an anxiety attack to better understand this state of psychological panic.

  17. Why do People Steal?
  18. Some people steal out of necessity or greediness, but are there also psychological factors that can cause theft? Explore the psychological states or motivation, which could drive theft. Also, you could possible consider the science behind compulsive theft as well.

  19. Do Graphic Video Games Increase Potential Violence?
  20. Many believe graphic video games to result in increased violence. What does research say? Does exposure to violent scenarios desensitize people, increasing potential violence?

Published on  August 18th, 2018