World History: A Tale of Communism 

When it comes to the types of governments that have ruled countries in the past one hundred years there were two basic philosophies of rule, democracy and communism. For the later part of the 20th Century the countries that practiced each seemed to be in worldwide competition with each other to prove that theirs was the best form of government. This was known as the cold war and this essay is going to focus on the tale of communism and what it should mean and how successful it was in the end.

Communism Means

In the simplest sense, communism means that all people are equal in society. There are no longer any classes. This means that all forms of money are removed from individuals and they are given to the state and distributed in a manner that is going to take care of everyone equally. The first attempts at communism were in idealistic communities. These societies which were created on a small scale were considered Utopian societies in which people were looking for paradise. For each successful society there have been many that failed.

National Communism

On a national level, there were many countries that practiced communism. The former USSR was the most prevalent but their system ultimately collapsed due to economic problems. In theory the government gave people jobs and controlled the pay they received. This didn’t make production more efficient. In fact it hurt production as people knew their performance didn’t matter. Cuba is one of the only major countries in the world that still practices communism today, and they are failing as well. The major problems always seem to surround economic issues.

The Real Problem with Communism

This experiment rarely works in the long run because people are different and have different expectations of what they are going to experience. For example, if one person is doing more work than someone else, shouldn’t he be entitled to more than someone else? If a person is smarter than aren’t there going to be natural benefits that go to them? As people try to live in a society where all people are considered equal then production is an issue. How do you decide who does what? You can rotate chores but that isn’t a very efficient use of manpower.

People are instinctually designed to do all that they can in order to gain more money, or the ideal mate, or to be successful. As people were pushed into jobs that the government guaranteed them, often the tasks had nothing to do with the abilities of the citizen filling it. Communism can be successful in the short term but it seems like it is doomed to be a long term failure because it doesn’t allow people to thrive and pursue their goals and dreams.

Published on  August 18th, 2018