Why People Read and Enjoy Certain Genres


The term genre is a French word derived from Latin; it refers to a ‘kind’ or ‘class of literature’. It is an integration or method of sorting items with close association. In most cases, the word is applicable when referring to painting, songs, films or text. The essay will discuss and encapsulate the reasons as to why people read and enjoy certain genres.

Unlike the scientific theories and inventions that could be determined by the respective researchers, genres are less scientific in classification but serves similar purpose. In literature, ‘film, music and arts’ are important to the people who aim at creating, watching or reading the same. People have different principles of which they intend to either nurture of practice in their lifetime since they are derive pleasure and solace from the same of enjoy as a hobby. There are specific group of people who prefers genres with happy endings, educative, while others prefers horror.

Another aspect of genre is based on the moral teaching in connection with the past, present and future. The different genres depict respective/ distinctive areas of concern that are educative and entertaining as well. But the main aspects that determine the kind of genre to like or dislike is based on personal ideology on the same. Although there are cases that people get influenced through their peers and mentors who often derive much pleasure on the same leaving the undecided audience to either opt for or against one genre or the other.

Genres matter since every genre has its specific expectations. Taking a poetry book as an example, the readers expect to encounter short paragraphs of factual, reportorial, imaginative styles and evocative prose. The readers are perceived to be prepared for the expectation and experience they would like to gain from reading the literature. However, there are other groups of genres that only require audience; such may seem to be boring to the group of people who prefers participatory type of genre hence creating a distinct difference, which is a reason as to why not everybody prefers to have a specific genre.


Genres display specific implications to both the participants and the audience. However, the recipe for either comedy or tragedy depicted in the genre is determined by the artists since they are well vast with the audience perception and expectation. Some of the audience prefers fictional memoir while others prefer comic-tragedy, speech or treatise; this is the main issue that artists focus on to achieve the best for their audience.

Published on  August 18th, 2018