Essay Writing – the main Stages

Essay writing is not one long process only but it also comprises of small steps which combine together to formulate the whole essay. So it better to be aware of the stages involved in writing an essay.

  1. Choosing the topic:
  2. The first and foremost of all the steps are selection of a topic. While choosing a topic certain things have to be kept in mind. You must first contemplate over the topic. Does the topic interest you? If it is not of your interest then leave it at once because you can write a good essay only when you have true motivation behind it. So find a topic which gives you motivation. This will make essay writing easier for you. Secondly, you must assess your own knowledge of the topic. If you feel that you cannot build strong argumentation for the topic then again you must go or the one for which you have strong grounds of argumentation.

  3. Decide the structure and format of the essay:
  4. Decide what structure of the essay will suit your topic. More importantly what format and structure of the essay do find convenient and easy to go. The essay type and format must be such that helps you write naturally.

  5. Constructing thesis statement:
  6. You must construct a thesis statement for the essay. Thesis statement should be clear and strong. Thesis statement is the whole impression of the essay. It must also evoke the interest of reader.

  7. Developing arguments:
  8. When choosing the topic, you must first contemplate over the arguments that you have for the topic. Those arguments must be strong and should support your thesis statement. Do not put any arguments which are against your thesis. But if you are using the opposing arguments for the sake of discussion and to enhance the credibility of your supporting arguments then it will really improve the impression of your essay and make it unbiased.

  9. Conclusion:
  10. At the end of essay lies conclusion. Conclusion means that you are going to sum up all what you have written above. It acts as a summary for the essay. Also, you must restate your thesis statement in the concluding paragraph of your essay. The conclusion must not have anything new in it. You must not introduce any new idea in the conclusion.

Published on  August 18th, 2018