What are the most difficult types of academic essays?

Despite your essay topic, your essay category is something you should always pay attention to. There are many types that you may be required to write, but the six most common ones are listed here—from easiest to hardest:

6. Descriptive

One of the easiest types of essays you can receive is one where you will be asked to describe something, someone or somewhere. These essays are not difficult to write because they simply involve sensory writing which brings the reader to experience the sight, touch, smell, taste and sound of the subject.

5. Narrative

A narrative essay is a story. This is an essay that most students are familiar with because they were prevalent in grade-, middle-, and high school. A little bit of creativity is needed to write one of these, but because they have been such a common occurrence among students, writing them has become a regular practice.

4. Cause & effect

Slightly more difficult than the two above, are cause & effect essays. These assignments will ask you to explore either the cause, effect or both of some or other phenomenon. Most students are comfortable with these projects, but some do struggle because they lack the ease of forming coherent chains between paragraphs; something that should be perfected before taking on this type of essay.

3. Problem solving

You may be required to identify an evident problem and then come up with a practical solution for that problem. Originality and ingenuity are the key factors needed here. Lots of students struggle with this because they fail to come up with innovative ideas for either the problem or the solution—or both.

2. Critical

A difficult one that many students (and professional writers) struggle with are critical essays. These papers are on the work of someone else, whether it’s art, music, film or literature. The problem with this type of assignment is the lack of proper scrutiny when analyzing the subject. Students fail to go over the work enough times and also aren’t knowledgeable about how to summarize the work properly before criticizing it.

1. Argumentative

It’s no surprise that this category makes the top of the list for hardest essay. It’s not easy to sway the reader to accept your opinion over their own. A certain salesman quality that’s moulded into a writing style is needed which few possess. If your professor reads this essay and remains unconvinced, your score will suffer.

Published on  August 18th, 2018