Discuss How to Project Manage the Salvation of the Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia that recently collapsed at the coast of Italy is becoming a major concern for the industry owners. There were over 2000 shipwrecked cruisers at the Lio Deck. The generator of the ship failed and over 4000 passengers had to go back to Florida. This devastating news brought misfortune to the Carnival and it is losing its share price gradually.

The company owners and stakeholders are much worried, as they cannot afford losing too much. The first thing however, they should stop panicking. I understand it is hard to keep a hold of your nerves in a situation like this but, panicking will only lead to worsen the situation. The company has announced, that they will carry put a complete analysis for the operation and would make sure their back up systems are efficient enough in all the ships. This would cost them a rough amount of $700 million. Not only that, but, they will have to tackle and mend each ship individually. The up gradation would cost much to the company. Even if they spend this much of amount, there is no guarantee that they will regain their lost customer trust and value. The first thing to begin with is that Carnival must make sure that the stranded people get an access to a wireless phone or something where they can get in touch with their friends and family. The worst part in a disaster is that, no one knows who is safe and who is not. They should install satellite phones on every ship so, that the passengers can contact their immediate families and loved ones and tell them they are okay. The next step they should take is separate their brand identities. Carnival owns a number of brands and is currently the largest ship owner in the world but, now they need to separate the brands from each other. This would help them in a way that when one brand suffers, others will not lose customer confidence. The industry on the whole will always suffer if there is any accident or unexpected mishap but, at least all brands will not suffer simultaneously. Like in current situation, the brands that were under the name of Carnival suffered, while others did not.

Carnival surely has much to do but, they need to get customer confidence back. This is the only successful and rapid way to recovery.

Published on  August 18th, 2018