Writing essays easily: 5 tips to help you out

Regardless of whether you are in college or still in high school, there will always be that assignment that you will not be able to avoid: writing an essay. While for some of the people out there this is not a difficult assignment, the truth is that many of them (and of those who believe it is difficult to write an essay) do not completely understand what this should involve. If you want to learn how to write essays easily and to make sure that you deliver something that will be well graded, then you should definitely read on.

  1. Choose your topic wisely. Most likely, your teachers and professors will not choose the topic for you. Make sure that what you choose is relevant for the coursework and that it is narrow enough as to be actually suitable for an essay. Also, go for originality but never for that kind of originality that will not allow you to properly back up your essays.
  2. An essay should be perfectly structured at all times. The introduction, the body and the conclusion are absolute “musts” and you should make sure that each of them is properly written as well.
  3. Always start a paragraph when you want to point out a new idea and always make sure that the first sentence in the paragraph outlines the main idea, while the rest of the sentences sustain your argument.
  4. Use at least two arguments if you have to sustain an opinion you have clearly stated in the introduction. Also, try to analyze a counter-argument as well, since this will give your essay more credibility.
  5. Be absolutely certain that the conclusion you will write will be great. The last sentence of your essay should be something firm and memorable!

Of course, there may be much more to writing an essay than this. For instance, you should always follow the rules of the academic writing in which you have to write the essay (MLA, Harvard, APA, and so on). Also, even if it is an argumentative essay that you are talking about, bringing some bibliography into it and backing up your ideas with other people’s ideas is very important for your reliability. Last, but not least, always keep in mind the fact that you should be formal and that you should avoid using words that will make the essay too personal.

Published on  August 18th, 2018