How to avoid Homework Cheating

Teachers assign tasks to the students so that they can learn better and improve their knowledge. Student however tend to avoid lengthy writing process and extensive research work. They usually copy assignments from their classmates or use someone else’s work under their own name. These things are considered cheating and should be avoided at all costs.

Tips for teachers

Every professor wants its class to be honest and do their homework by themselves. Teachers who want to get assignments that are free of cheating should:

  • Be very clear about the specific course requirements and integrity code.
  • Explain to students throughout the semester how bad cheating can be and how strictly it is banned.
  • Encourage them to communicate with you and ask questions so that the subject is clear to them and they do not feel the need to copy from somewhere or cheat.

Assigning home tasks

It is very hard for students to cheat in in-class assignments because the instructor is in front of them and they cannot cheat in his presence. However the tasks you assign for home can be copied. Students may also ask someone else to do their homework and the teacher will never know because they were not present at the time writing. It is therefore important to:

  • Give more weightage to in class assignments and exams rather than home tasks.
  • Give custom homework assignments to each student.
  • Ask your TA to keep a check on students and provide you regular feedback about their progress.
  • Check all the home assignments for plagiarism. You can do this by running the assignments through plagiarism checker software. You can either buy these software’s from the web and there are also online checkers.
  • These tools will tell you if there is any copied material in the text. The software usually highlights the text that is copied from somewhere else and has already been published.
  • Assign topics that are unique and have lesser chances of being available on the internet.
  • Draw a clear line between references and copying. Clearly state to your students how much they can copy and in what cases they can do so.

Cheating in assignments is a very bad thing to do and students should avoid it under all circumstances. Teachers should encourage their students to stay honest and communicate with the teacher on a regular basis so that a clear understanding of the subject.

Published on  August 18th, 2018