Philosophy Essay Writing Ideas: A Step-By-Step Academic Tutorial

The philosophy essay is a type of academic paper that expresses the summation of an argument—an argument that's made and assessed within the same body of work. Arguments, in the context of an academic work, is a series of statements that work together to support another statement, otherwise known as the conclusion of the work.

Arguments are, at best, the core of a philosophy essay and essentially comprise the bread and butter of the entire work. Forming and analyzing those same arguments help the writer and reader get closer to understanding the truth of the topic at hand—or, in other words, make both parties much more aware of the reasons why they believe in such topics.

The Structure Of A Philosophy Essay

Philosophy essays analyze and reveal some type of truth behind the topic at hand, mainly through showing students how to form strong arguments while assessing the arguments that other parties make.

Many philosophy essays generally follow the standard informative essay format with some concessions, such as argument reconstruction, original arguments, though experiments, objections and replies and the situational application of the subject at hand.

Of course, none of those structural elements can't be fully explored without understanding how to approach philosophy essay writing.

Philosophy Essay Writing Ideas ~ Approaches For Writing A Philosophy Essay

Writing a philosophy essay is more straightforward than many students think. To start, the philosophy essay isn't one where students can successfully 'wax poetic' about their subject at hand. Philosophy essays are actually a structured and somewhat sophisticated type of essay that successfully presents an argument regarding a philosophy topic.

There are two approaches to writing a philosophy essay:

  • Describing what an author may have to say about a specific topic.
  • Providing your own original thoughts regarding the topic and/or another author's arguments.

The exposition of the essay should deal with both approaches, as it helps form a well-rounded essay in the end.

What The Author Approaches ~ Tips for Extracting Information From Authored Philosophy Essays

Part of the philosophy essay writing process involves reading information from other authors of similar essays. This helps with constructing your own argument to use within your essay.

  • Learn what the author may be arguing in their own essay or written work.
  • Clearly express, in your essay, what that author may be arguing in their work.
  • Attempt to construct a valid claim from what the author of the research work may be arguing.
  • If the author's argument has no basis or doesn't have enough basis, attempt to explain what their argument may be missing.

Note: Reading authored philosophy essays may take hours or days to complete. Don't forget to take notes of each essay you may read for research.

Published on  August 18th, 2018