Writing college essays – successful introduction

College essays can be easier to complete once you understand how to create a solid introduction. This means you should know what details are important enough to help attract readers to continue reading. It helps to explain what the essay is about while making it easy for readers to understand the main idea it works to introduce. Some students may think it is easy to write an introduction, but depending on your topic you may have some challenges to contend with.

Pulling the Audience In

This is one of the important aspects of a good introduction. You need to know what information is significant enough to be mentioned in the paragraph without going into too much detail. You are working to introduce the topic to the reader, but you want to limit details at the same time. This is somewhat different from a summary but this also includes the main point of the essay, otherwise known as the thesis statement.

Understanding Your Audience

You should know who the audience is the essay is intended for and have an idea of how they would react. Depending on the essay topic, this may give some idea on what they would expect from your content. If you are working to produce something different then you may expect a mixed response, just as if you were presenting your material to a live audience. What is it that you want readers to know about the information you included?

Think about the outcome you hope to obtain and what will be necessary in order for you to get it.

Knowing Your Topic Well

If you are interested or passionate about what you are writing about, you may have some ideas on what to include in the introduction to hook readers. But, there are some things you can consider even if you know little about your topic. You can present some information that people may be familiar with. Present something that people may not know about. Provide a detailed explanation that lead to your topic research or main idea.

Strong Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement may appear in the introduction and together it should help set the tone for the rest of the paper or essay. The statement helps set boundaries for the essay, but it can be a question or general statement. It may help leave a lasting impression for the reader as they continue reading your essay.

Published on  August 18th, 2018